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Motor Insurance

Do you own a vehicle? This insurance covers you against risks and is a mandatory requirement by the government.

Property Insurance

This is a comprehensive insurance that covers your property against any accidental and unforeseen loss or damage.

Insurance Premium Financing

With this, you get to enjoy the benefits of insurance upfront and payback in manageable installments.

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Motor Insurance

Credit Bank provides cover against risk to all types of vehicles including

  • Private vehicles
  • Commercial vehicles including but not limited to lorries, vans, pickups, school buses, cranes, ambulances, tractors, excavators etc.
  • Public Service Vehicles (PSV’s) such as matatus, taxis, private hire etc

The insurance will protect your vehicle against accidental:

  • Damage including collusion
  • Fire
  • Theft to the vehicle
  • Third party liabilities

The pricing of the cover is dependent on the type of motor vehicle to be covered and the liability sought on the cover. View Terms

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Insurance Premium Financing

Let’s breakdown Insurance Premium Financing into two. An insurance premium is the amount of money that you or your business must pay to get the benefits of an insurance cover. Normally, this premium is paid upfront and at times this may be a large figure. This may require financing for the premium in form of a loan to pay for the insurance policy.

Credit Bank offers you or your business Insurance Premium Financing allowing you to enjoy the benefits of insurance upfront. You can then pay it back in manageable instalments thereby eliminating the need for you to pay the premium lumpsum.

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Cover Against Risks

Get a Insurance Premium Financing. Enjoy the benefits of insurance upfront and pay back in manageable instalments.

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