Success is 10% Inspiration and 90% Perspiration…

…someone once said that. Distinction in service requires great commitment. It requires changing the way you do things to a more focused approach. This ethos was recently recognised by Think Business 2019 Banking Awards. Credit Bank, the Best Bank in Tier III. This affirms that no matter what your size is, excellence can be part of you.

The Inspiration

Our primary driving force is who we serve, our customers. You are at the core of our very existence. Our financial solutions are built around problems many businesses face in the market. Further, these solutions are targeted at transforming the society in which we all operate in. Those that benefit from using our services go on to benefit others as well.

As such our inspiration stems from the desire to transform. We take pride in our solutions resulting in numerous success stories that have in turn been beneficial to many more in the various markets our customers operate in.

The Perspiration

A single article cannot cover what goes on behind the scenes to make it possible for Credit Bank to be the Best. The best we can do is gloss over the highlights.

Corporate Governance. A system of values that govern relationships of the various stakeholders of the bank. It is the sober foundation in which the bank operates ensuring a long-term future and sound operations. We have built our culture around values such as integrity, trust and teamwork. It involves going over and above regulatory requirements to establish processes that strengthen the foundation of our operations. We recently covered why such strong foundations can be the very reason of success.

Systems. Credit Bank has invested heavily in systems that ensure efficiency while not curtailing innovation in our operations. Technology plays a critical role in this. As a Bank, we continuously dedicate resources in investing in state-of-the-art technology that allows distribution and delivery of our services worldwide at the palm of your hand. Part of the systems scope is security where we go the extra mile to educate you, our customers, on more measures you can take to secure your banking with us.

Structure. While this has been the success of many organisations, the crucial element for our success is flexibility and accessibility. Traditional structures make it hard to access services. In the event of a problem it is even harder to detect and provide a solution to the customer. What we have in place for our customers is a way to access. This can be done through various avenues including our call centre, social media and relationship managers at our respective branches. Flexibility means if your problem is not solved, escalation is easy as accountability is part of our communication structure.

People. The critical human resources that ensure the structures and systems in place work. As a customer you get to meet the front facing people that deliver our service to you. Our front facing employees are part of a larger team that work together to harness synergies that ensure efficiency in service delivery. They work day in day out to process your documents and give you the financial solutions that will transform your business.

Our recent accolade from Think Business adds fuel to the fire. It is an encouragement to us to go on working hard, be persistent and determined to take the Bank to the next level. As our customer, this reaffirms our commitment to being the best in every aspect of our service delivery to you.

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