Empowering Women-led Businesses

Inclusivity in the 21st century is a driving force to many aspects of the society. Bringing people on board or bringing them to the table is vital for progression of society. Our constitution laid a framework for inclusivity although it has a long way to go in achieving that. When hiring for key roles in government, for example, the public is invited to participate in interviewing potential candidates as a form of inclusivity.

Giving equal opportunities to men and women creates progression. Certain aspects of the wellbeing of the society can only be pushed ahead if more women are brought on board. More importantly, empowering women through financial inclusion and creating business opportunities making them an integral part of the economy.

Financial inclusion gives women greater independence and control of their lives. This is especially important in health matters such as cervical and breast cancer. In developing countries such as Kenya, not having financial resources is an impediment to accessing healthcare. Further, a study by the Boston Consulting Group found that if female entrepreneurs received as much support as male entrepreneurs, the global economy could experience up to a $5 trillion boost.

Being a woman-led organisation, Credit Bank is at the forefront of inclusivity. Our support to women-led businesses includes ease of access to capital, networking and mentorship forums, and providing financial solutions tailored to women’s needs. Financial solutions include access to credit with lower collateral requirements.

Our Entrepreneur’s Hub, eHub, remains integral to growing and developing entrepreneurs. Part of our efforts are currently geared towards additional financing and leadership programmes for women entrepreneurs. eHub provides access to networks that link women entrepreneurs to one another. The Bank is also partnering with social impact investors targeting about KES 1 billion to be availed to women entrepreneurs.

One of our partnerships, Women in Business, seeks to acknowledge and celebrate Women in Business for their role and contribution in creating jobs and building the Kenyan economy through their innovations and enterprises. Credit Bank participated in this year’s Women in Business Awards 2019 where our Head of Marketing and Business was involved in the award ceremony to show our support towards women entrepreneurs.

In pursuit of inclusivity, the bank will soon be launching a dedicated product for women in business. Our objective is to bring more women into the economy through financing, provision of opportunities and training for growth. Sign up to our newsletter below to stay in the loop.

Starting with such steps today can influence a whole generation tomorrow. Setting such paths and creating opportunities for women-led organisations will push for greater inclusivity in the society, a place for more women in business.

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