Best SME Bank Awards 2021

Dedication and commitment to SMEs has been part of our growth story at Credit Bank. Solutions such as Trade FinanceeHub, and Konnect Banking have given financial access to small and growing businesses all over the country. We work extensively to transform the economic welfare of our people through innovative financial solutions.  

Why SMEs? SMEs play a critical role in the Kenyan economy by providing the bulk of employment opportunities. This is a fast-growing sector and as a bank we made a strategic decision to commit to this sector to have the greatest impact from our financial solutions.  

From our work, we continue to realise that many small and growing businesses have a challenge in accessing financing for their growth. As a bank, we have been flexible enough to work with our SMEs and finance their businesses through personalised financial solutions. Trade Finance has been an area we have made great strides by offering business growth opportunities for SMEs. We offer solutions based on the reputation of your supplier for example. Scenarios where you need bid bonds and guarantees to take on a tender with minimal collateral are now available to SMEs. If you are having cash flow problems and you require money to go on with business, you can do so through invoice discounting. This solution gives you cash based on an invoice to your customer. 

Above all, listening to you first is what enables us to offer you solutions suited to your business. Our personalised and friendly approach to banking has seen us awarded as the Best SME Bank in Kenya, 2021 by the International Business Magazine. We remain committed to SMEs by continuing to offer personalised banking solutions. 

Get to enjoy our award-winning service today. Explore our business current accounts to get started. Feeling stuck? Get in touch with us for further assistance.  

Karibu Credit Bank. A Friend SMEs can Bank on. 

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