A Bank Guarantee is a unilateral contract between the bank as a guarantor and the customer as a warrantee, in which the bank undertakes to make payment to a specified beneficiary within limits of a stated sum of money in the event the customer/warrantee fails to perform an obligation.

Advance Payment Guarantees

In some cases, your business may require advance payments to be able to kick start a project and further fulfil the terms of the contract satisfactorily. Credit Bank is able to provide an Advance Payment Guarantee to you providing assurance that the payments issued by the project owners will be used as intended – towards the satisfactory completion of the project as per the terms of the engaged contract.

The Fine Print

  • For existing customers, the bank can consider 50% cash, 50% alternative acceptable security
  • Fully secured-cash cover for new relationship
  • Charge of 1.5% per quarter

Payment Guarantees

Undertakes to refund any advance payments made to the beneficiary if the goods/services are unsatisfactory or supplier fails altogether

Shipping Guarantees

Covers a missing bill of lading enabling importer clear goods

Credit Guarantees

Facility Guarantees

Check Payment Guarantee

Covers a missing bill of lading enabling importer clear goods