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Easy Mobile Banking

Mobile Banking Designed to Make Banking Accessible

Utility Bill Payments

Pay your bills including Kenya Power, Nairobi Water, DSTv and more. Pay school fees, purchase airtime and more.

Salary Advance & Loans

Have a salary account? Access advance funds instantly. Access to loans based on your transaction history even with an eWallet Account.

Mobile Money & Transfers

Account to M-Pesa, Account to Airtel Money, pay directly to Buy Goods or PayBill Numbers, PesaLink, Interbank and more.

Card Management

Manage your Konnect Debit and Konnect Prepaid Cards – this includes replacements and topping up your card with funds.

Open Accounts and Invest

e-Wallet Account that is separate your account, link all your accounts, and open additional accounts including a Lock Savings Account.

Easy to Use

Easy self-registration, friendly interface with quick access, improved beneficiary management, account alerts, and secure.

Mobile Banking FAQs

Both existing and new customers, all you need is access to a phone that is connected to either Safaricom or Airtel Networks

Dial *669# or download the CB Konnect App from Google Play Store (For Android) and App store (for IOS)

No customers who are already registered on mobile banking will be migrated on 25th June 2019, while those who are not registered but hold core banking accounts will perform self-registration through the platform.

USSD Journey:

  • Dial *669# from the number registered on mobile banking.
  • In put the one-time PIN received via SMS.
  • Create new PIN and confirm it.
  • Log in to transact.

APP Journey:

  • Download the APP from Play store or App store.
  • Click on get started.
  • Input the phone number registered on mobile banking.
  • Allow the platform to auro-verify (this may take a couple of seconds).
  • Accept terms and conditions.
  • Input the one-time PIN received via SMS.
  • create and confirm new PIN.
  • Log in to transact.

The one Time PIN is valid for 24 hours, from the time of receipt, thereafter the PIN will expire, you will need to get in touch with Contact Centre or the nearest CB branch to request for a PIN reset.

you will need to get in touch with Contact Centre or the nearest CB branch to request for a PIN reset.

Download the CB Konnect App or dial *669#, and follow system prompts to self-register on CB Konnect. You will need to input your name in the same order as it appears on your National ID. Similarly, you will need to ensure that the phone number you are suing to register is the same one provided to the Bank at the time of opening the account.

Yes, you will dial *669# or download the app and follow the prompts to self-register, the system will automatically open for you a Wallet Account and link it to CB your Konnect.

This is an account opened through CB Konnect by new customers who do not have Core Banking accounts; Wallet Account holders have access to internal transfers, transfer to mobile money and Bill payments.

No, Wallet Accounts are limited to transactions within the Credit Bank ecosystem, Interbank transfers such as EFTS and RTGS are not permissible to Wallet Accounts.

Yes, by selecting the customer requests option on USSD or the “open” tab on the CB Konnect. Please note that if you only have Wallet Accounts will need to visit the nearest branch to provide KYC documentation (ID, Passport Photo, Proof of Address) to complete the process of opening an account.

Yes, you can make deposits to the account, but debits will only be allowed after submission of KYC documentation.

By selecting “more” on USSD and the savings tab on the APP.

Yes, you can open a lock savings account if you have a Wallet Account.

Yes, you will earn interest on the amount saved at maturity even if the target was not attained.

Yes, you can withdraw your savings before maturity, however you will forfeit the interest.

Initially on CB Konnect, only business accounts with the mandate of “either to sign” shall be registered, other mandates will be covered thereafter as from July 2019.

Yes, they can be registered/ linked but will be limited to “view only”

If you have multiple accounts under the same Customer ID, you will be able to self-link your accounts through CB Konnect. If they are under different Customer IDs, you will need to visit your nearest branch and issue instructions to link the accounts. If your accounts were already linked before, you will be migrated “as is”.

One does not need a smartphone to access CB Konnect, it is accessible both on app and USSD, provided the SIM card dialing USSD is the one registered on mobile banking.

Yes, the CB Konnect APP supports Android version 5.1 and above and IOS 11.4 and above.

Android users - Go to settings, about device, software info.

IOS users- Settings, general, about

a Get in touch with Contact Centre or the nearest CB branch for assistance.

No CB Konnect uses the same PIN for login and transaction

Yes, you will be able to transact with the new number once you visit the nearest CB branch to update your customer data.

Yes, you will be able to transact using the new handset once you advise Contact Centre.

You can now open bank accounts and personal Wallet Accounts, self-register for mobile banking services, link your own accounts, open lock savings accounts, pay school fees among other exciting new features.

Yes, some key security features include limitation of access through lower IOS and Android versions which are vulnerable and verification of phone IMEI and IMSI.

No, all transaction charges and fees remain unchanged. Access our tariff guide here .

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