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Empowering Women for the Next Level

Make Your Dreams and Ambitions a Reality with elev8HER

Account Options

Whether business or personal, the elev8HER account gives you convenient banking access any time and place.

Financing Options

This part of the package gives you access to loans for your business whether it is quick cash or long-term financing.

Access to eHub

eHub is a platform designed to enable your business scale and become competitive across industries.

Insurance Options

elev8HER gives you access to affordable insurance covers for you, your home and/or your business.

Get More

elev8HER is designed to empower you to grow by offering more than just financial solutions. Bank on us for your growth.

Upgrade Your Current Account to elev8HER

The elev8HER Account is full of exciting features for women. If you'd like to upgrade your current account to an elev8HER account, fill in the form below to get started. If you'd like to open a new Personal elev8HER account, click here. For the Business elev8HER account, get in touch with us to get started.