USD BUY: 99.05 SELL: 103.45
GBP BUY: 132.00 SELL: 136.10
EURO BUY: 116.60 SELL: 120.70
INR BUY: 1.47 SELL: 1.53
AUD BUY: 74.75 SELL: 77.50
JPY BUY: 0.90 SELL: 0.93
ZAR BUY: 6.50 SELL: 9.00
CAD BUY: 75.85 SELL: 78.95
CHF BUY: 100.30 SELL: 103.10
TZS BUY: 0.0361 SELL: 0.0441
UGX BUY: 0.0231 SELL: 0.0261
AED BUY: 27.25 SELL: 29.30

Saved By The Swipe

Edited on August 17, 2017

How did we live before mobile and internet banking? Remember having to queue in a banking hall to make a request for your bank statements then wait while they were being processed? Remember having to find your nearest (sometimes not so near) ATM or bank branch just to check your account balance? Or really just having to rush to the bank and physically present any big or small issue with your account? Remember sometimes having to actually ask for the morning or afternoon off of work just so you could do your banking because you knew the waiting lines would definitely be long? Seems like ages ago.

Now you can check your balance, get mini statements, change passwords, speak to a bank representative, all at the convenience of your mobile phone. And with VISA enabled debit cards, you can shop online and offline, pay for meals and a whole array of goods and services without ever having to go to the ATM.  All this at no extra charge!

We have never been so grateful for the convenience that comes with the visa debit card in particular!

First is the fact that Visa is global where it is accepted by millions of merchants worldwide! So when you travel go with Visa and shop confidently.

Second is the worldwide ATM availability where you get cash at over 2million ATMs worldwide. So wherever you travel to in the country and out, you can rest assured your money is just a swipe away.

Third is security where you are protected from unauthorized use of your Visa. Credit Bank monitors your account 24 hours a day to help prevent, detect and resolve fraud on your Visa Debit card.

And did you know that using your Visa Debit Card at any merchant outlet/point of sale is free? Yes, you do not incur any charges on your Visa Debit Card or Account.

To crown the vast benefits of the Visa Debit Card (which we cannot entirely exhaust) is that every time you use your Credit Bank Visa Debit Card, you stand a chance to win you up to Kshs. 10,000.

Yes the credit Bank Visa Debit card promotion is on and to participate all you have to do it swipe your Visa Debit card to pay for your bills as many times as possible!

Follow this LINK for the promotional terms…Cash and goodies are waiting for you to grab!

As you continue to swipe here is a little bonus to keep your account smiling –

Join the #ShareYourVisaStoryAndWin competition with #CreditBank on Facebook.
In this competition you stand a chance to win Ksh 1,000 every day!
Competition Rules –
• Share a short story of what you can/have ever swiped for using Visa Debit card on our wall.
• Share this post to your friends on your Facebook timeline.
•Tag us Credit BANK and use the hashtags #ShareYourVisaStoryAndWin #CreditBank #MyVisaStory
• Follow/Like/Subscribe to our social media pages listed (below)

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The photo with the most creative Visa story wins Ksh 1,000 at the end of everyday.
The competition ends on 31st August 2017.
Let the winning begin! #BankWithAFriend




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