USD BUY: 101.20 SELL: 105.60
GBP BUY: 132.10 SELL: 136.20
EURO BUY: 113.30 SELL: 117.15
INR BUY: 1.57 SELL: 1.63
AUD BUY: 75.05 SELL: 77.80
JPY BUY: 0.91 SELL: 0.94
ZAR BUY: 7.70 SELL: 9.20
CAD BUY: 74.40 SELL: 77.50
CHF BUY: 103.75 SELL: 106.55
TZS BUY: 0.0373 SELL: 0.0458
UGX BUY: 0.0248 SELL: 0.0283
AED BUY: 27.80 SELL: 29.85

Product of the Month- Workplace Banking

Have you heard about Workplace Banking? We are bringing banking to your workplace! We engage both the employees and employers giving solutions that ensure convenient and seamless banking. We ensure that coming to the bank becomes a thing of the past.

At Credit Bank, we believe in providing solutions that meet the specific needs of our clients. We are therefore open to having conversations with you to understand what you need.

To enjoy workplace banking, please engage us through our Customer Experience Centre on:

  • Email: customerservice@creditbankltd.co.ke
  • Tel: +254709072000/+254202283000/+254738222300
  • WhatsApp: +254780313102

We are open;

  • Mon: Fri 7am – 7pm
  • Sat: 9am – 4pm
  • Sun & Public Holidays: 9am – 1pm

For more information on Workplace Banking, please click here.