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My Saver Account

We were all told that ‘money doesn’t grow on trees’ but with the My Saver Savings Account, money does grow. The account offers attractive interest and NO charges on your savings thus helping you plan for your future giving you peace of mind.

My Saver Account is a true savings account designed for serious savers looking to accumulate savings. The account does not attract any charges and is intended to encourage a savings culture while giving you a no cost vehicle through which you can meet their savings needs.


  • Minimum Opening Balance Ksh.1,000
  • Withdrawals restricted to 4 times a year (once per quarter)
  • Interest earned on minimum balance of Ksh.5,000
  • Interest forfeited on additional withdrawals or if account balance goes below KES 5,000.00.


  • Attractive interest rates
  • Free unlimited cash deposits at every branch
  • Free semi – annual statements
  • No ledger fees
  • No maintenance fees
  • No ATM card/Debit card / Cheque book
  • Access to loans of up to 75% of the savings in the account.
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