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Nyumbani Diaspora Account

For those living, working and doing business abroad, access to local banking can be challenging. Not anymore. The Nyumbani Diaspora Account is a flexible current/checking account available to Kenyans in the diaspora. The account can be operated in KES, USD, Euro and GBP.

What You Get

The Fine Print

  • Opening balance of: 5,000 for KES account, $50 for USD account, £50 for GBP account or €50 for the Euro account
  • No ledger fees
  • Transaction charges is KES 50, USD 1, EURO 1, or GBP 1.
  • No minimum operating balance on account

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Investment Opportunities for You

Living or doing business from abroad may present challenges of access to safe and reliable investments. At Credit Bank through our fully able Treasury Department, we give you access to such investments.

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Banking Across Borders

This is a transactional account tailored to maximize access to the account at your convenience giving you confidence wherever you go.

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