Just What Makes a Great Company?
As you engage in growth activities, one of the challenges you will face is the trap that finds you working in your business instead of on it. This creates a vicious cycle that keeps you locked perpetually in the growth phase. Can something be done though?
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Agricultural Solutions
Our contribution to Kenya's economy extends to the Agricultural Sector. We continue seeking out partnerships in which both you and us can benefit and contribute to growth. We recently partnered with Meru Dairy offering enabling solutions. This includes real-time reconciliations with their distributors. Below are some pictures of a lunch event we held with over 150 of Meru Dairy's agents.
The SME Index
The business landscape is constantly changing. SMEs are constantly adjusting their sails to catch the headwinds and stay on course. Wylde International and Credit Bank keep their hands on the pulse of SME’s with a view to growing the body of knowledge.
Last year we produced the Wylde SME Report 2017. This year we seek to do the same and would be very grateful if you as a business owner/Manager took the time to fill the SME 2018 survey. Your responses will be kept in confidence and you will be entitled to the SME 2018 report. 
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