Bidii Hujenga Nchi
Labour Day celebrates achievements of workers world over and emphasizes on workers' rights. Together, our individual efforts contribute to the growth of the economy and Kenya at large.
Credit Bank wishes you a happy and restful Labour Day.
Save, Invest and Insure
Killing two birds with one stone is what they say, but we added a third one! Yes, you can now save while investing and at the same time get an insurance cover. Discover our Investment and Education Policies.
Have a Different Plan
Investment Policy
This Policy enables you to build a fund over a period of time to meet future financial needs while giving you the benefit of a life policy and a return on your savings.
Ensuring Continuity
Education Policy
Ensure your child’s education by insuring it. This Policy is designed to help you build funds over time giving you the ability to meet school fees requirements. 
Get a Different Perspective
Insurance in Kenya tends to be perceived as more of an obligation rather than something beneficial to sign up for. 
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A Case Study:
Agribusiness Financing
The agricultural sector impacts many lives and remains one of the leading contributors to GDP growth in the country. At Credit Bank, this impactful nature of the sector resonates with our mission to maximise social impact of our financial solutions.
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