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More than just an ATM Card

Edited on December 20, 2016

Today, our debit cards serve a bigger purpose than just being ATM Deposit and Withdrawal cards. Debit Cards these days do much more. For example, your Visa enabled card will allow you shop for your groceries, fuel your car, pay bills at restaurants and so much more at any point of sale point giving you more access to your money without the risk of having to carry loads of cash everywhere you go. And what most people do not know is that using your card at any point of sale is usually free of charge.

With this card flexibility and access, comes a different type of risk. As a bank card owner, you face unexpected risks because of events such as, frauds or theft and even ATM muggings. This therefore brings in the need to ensure that your Debit Card is insured against such risks.

Once your card is insured, it is important as a holder of an insured card to report the loss or theft of your card to the bank as quickly as possible. Many companies have 24-hour service numbers for such emergencies, and even social media pages where you can send a messages for the same purpose. Once you report the loss of your ATM or debit card, it is important that you:

  • Follow up with a letter or email.Include your account number, the date and time when you noticed your card was missing, and when you first reported the loss.
  • Check your card statement carefullyfor transactions you didn’t make and report these transactions to the bank as quickly as possible.
  • Report to the nearest police station in the event of a robbery, hijacking, mugging theft or any such unfortunate occurrence.

Credit Bank’s Insured Visa Debit Card

Insurance accompanying Credit Bank’s Visa Debit Card offers you protection from undesirable and unexpected events and from adverse life situations, as well as from the consequences of the loss and theft of your card and other personal items.

At only Kshs 510/= per year, you can have peace of mind. We provide our account holders with an insurance cover for their debit card with the following benefits:-

  1. Replacement Charges (Lost Card Liability) Replacement costs for the card, if the card is stolen for an annual limit of up to Kshs. 40,000
  2. ATM Robbery and Hijack (ATM Cash Cover) Theft through forced ATM withdrawal for an annual limit of up to Kshs. 40,000
  3. Emergency Accidental Medical Expenses for an annual limit of up to Kshs. 30,000
  4. Purchase Protection for any item bought through the cards for a period of up to 3 months.
  5. Funeral cover due to death as a result of natural causes or accidents for an annual limit of up to Kshs. 10,000

Now you see why your Debit Card can be more than just an ATM card. It hold more value and purpose that depositing and withdrawing money from the ATM and at Credit Bank, we understand that fully.

For more information on how to get insurance for your Credit Bank Visa Debit Card, email us at mcc@creditbankltd.co.ke


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