With Excellence… Size Does Not Matter!


We were recently ranked the Best Bank in our Category by KBA in their Q4 2018 (and 3rd overall) survey that identifies banks that offer Best Customer Service. This news was met by excitement galore as it clearly confirms that size doesn’t matter!

Best of all, this was as determined by over 6,000 respondents. To challenge for this spot is no mean feat in an industry of 44 banks.

For close to five years, we have been working hard behind the scenes to push new frontiers. We have been pushing for a turnaround. So, back then we asked ourselves, what can we do to emerge from our cocoon? How do we become the butterfly we were meant to be? We had to ask ourselves fundamental questions; what does it matter? Who does it matter to?

The obvious came to light. This was however not obvious – remember, the banking industry has been the dictator of terms for a long time… honestly, until that number one guy (on the screenshot) came to turn around manenos! Ah, yes, the obvious… you our customer. You are why it matters!

Then comes the conundrum, how do we go about what matters most to us? This is where we had to think of something that would give us a competitive advantage… the thing that would make you prefer us over the others, especially the big boys! You see, being Tier III comes with its own views and we needed to change this. That’s when we realised, being small has its own advantages! Every one of you customers is as important as the last! We simply cannot afford to lose you… so we try harder (if you know you know, like Avis)!

Because of this, we worked harder to provide you with solutions suited for every need. I mean, how many banks would you go to and they tell you that you do not need a loan! Instead, we offer financial solutions around your problem. Trade Finance has been our forte. Taking time to understand your business needs has helped us develop solutions suited for SMEs.

And so, you guys started referring us to your friends! Telling them of a small awesome bank that’ll listen to your needs and provide you with solutions matched to those needs. Thank you!

Back to being small and its advantages… here we had more in mind. We thought, hey, how about we endear our beloved customers to us? We need to change something fundamental… hmmm! We need to be the friend they can bank on! Thus, the birth of our new slogan, My Friend, My Bank! Because when you come to us we listen to you… like a friend 😊.

One more thing, technology! We have invested heavily here ensuring our customers do their banking wherever they are on this planet – as long as you have internet connection. Got a problem? We have a customer service centre ready to help you not sing for you while you are on hold for hours on end.

Oh, it doesn’t stop here, we are now gunning for top spot! Hit us up and let’s know what we can do better.

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