Healthcare Financing Webinar Presentations


Since the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic, we have been actively engaged in seeking pan-industry synergies among response stakeholders, market sectors and corresponding key entities in finding cohesive, market-driven approaches to the crisis in the healthcare sector.

As part of these efforts, we hosted our first webinar on Convergence of Financial & Health Inclusion amid the Covid-19 crisis response’, a collaborative effort between Credit Bank, the NGO Board, Medical Credit Fund Africa, Ruai Family Hospital and Crowe Erastus & Co.

The webinar was focused on how linked title initiatives may be utilized to reduce ongoing disruptions in health services provision, mitigate adverse economic impact of the pandemic, and alleviate pressure on existing health care capacity to fight other illnesses – a second-tier crisis in its own right.

Below are the presentations and the full audio recording of this very insightful webinar.

Next session will be in a months time.

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