Credit Bank Partners with KENCTAD to Deliver on Its SME Promise


Small and Medium Enterprises are an important cog in Kenya’s economy. As is with any industry and/or business, economic benefits come with the size of its operation. Being small and medium in size presents numerous challenges for these businesses.

Access to markets, finances, quality skilled labour and systems are just but a few of the challenges they face. The impact of these challenges has been the unfortunate demise and high turnover of businesses closing each year. These leads to a spin-off effect of high unemployment rates. The stability of these businesses can provide the much-needed meaningful employment in the country.

To this effect, there have been various stakeholders who actively seek solutions that will alleviate the problem of stability. This is though addressing the problems of market access, finances and even provision of training to meet the skilled labour force requirement.
One of these stakeholders include KENCTAD – Kenyan Entrepreneurs’ Conference On Trade & Development. KENCTAD seeks to connect key stakeholders in the entrepreneurs’ ecosystem. These key stakeholders include the Government, Academia and the Private Sector.

Basically, KENCTAD is building a community around itself for the entrepreneur. It is a community which an entrepreneur can be a part of and gain access to growth opportunities. These growth covers all facets including learning, sharing, connecting and access.

To this effect, KENCTAD in partnership with Credit Bank has organised a 2-day conference bringing together the key players in the industry. It will be an opportunity for entrepreneurs to learn and partner with partners that will offer value to them for their business.

Speaking to us during an interview, the Head of Business and Marketing, Ms. Pamela Mutembei, Credit Bank PLC, expressed the alignment of goals with KENCTAD. “I believe such a setup is quite effective and aligns with our mission at Credit Bank quite well; the mission being transforming the social-economic welfare of our people. This is why the Bank has partnered with KENCTAD on this mission,” expressed Ms. Mutembei. She further encourages entrepreneurs to attend such events and be members of a community such as this including the bank’s business club, eHub.

Credit Bank CEO, Mrs. Betty Korir, will be delivering her keynote speech during the conference. The focus will be to showcase to entrepreneurs alternative financing methods that can help them grow apart from the traditional bank loans.

“Credit Bank approaches financing businesses in a unique way. What many entrepreneurs do not know is how to approach a bank. This in turn gives them only one solution – a traditional loan. Getting to the bottom of the financing problem your business faces is our approach. We go a step further and structure a customised financing solution that fits your business model,” Says Mrs Korir.

She further affirms that their commitment to SMEs has never ceased. The 2-day conference will be taking place on 1st March 2019 – 2nd March 2019. The conference will be at the Western Heights, Westlands at the Signature Auditorium.
More info on the event here.

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