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Enjoy Convenience

Gain Control with Konnect Prepaid Cards

Shop Anywhere

Shop, dine, fuel and pay for services when travelling in over 150 countries as well as secure online shopping on ecommerce websites.

Load Easily

It is now convenient to load your card with any currency with options such as M-Pesa, Mobile Banking, and Over the Counter.

Any Currency

Enjoy the option of local currency or multiple international currencies on the classic and platinum cards respectively.

Control Your Spending

The prepaid card gives you control over your spending limits as you can only use money you’ve loaded on the card.

Secure Shopping

Get peace of mind with added security features such as Chip and PIN, and One Time Password for approving each transaction.

Get Alerts

Get debit SMS alerts, manage your card via our online portal e.g. view your transactions, and activate use of virtual cards.


Classic Platinum
24/7 Access
Global Access in Over 150 Countries
Secure Chip and PIN, OTP Approval
SMS Alerts
Easy Load (M-Pesa, Mobile Banking)
Self-management Portal
Virtual Cards
Application Fee KES 500 * KES 1,000 *
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* Subject to 20% excise duty

Konnect Prepaid Cards FAQs

The Konnect Prepaid Card is an excellent alternative banking card that allows you to load money into the card to conveniently and securely carry out monetary transactions at any ATM, POS Machine, or e-commerce website. It is a payment option for customers who do not necessarily have bank accounts and rely on cash to make payments.

  • Multicurrency: You can transact in USD,GBP, EUR, KES
  • Easy Access to funds
  • Convenience
  • Safety and Security
  • At any Credit bank Branch Countrywide
  • Through Mpesa Paybill Number 7146883 in KES currency
  • Retail Stores (shopping)
  • Online (for Online Transactions)
  • Hotel and entertainment joints
  • Healthcare Facilities
  • Fuel Stations
  • Visa branded ATMs
  • Restaurants

No, the card is available to both Credit Bank account holders and non-Credit Bank account holders.

Through the banks website or by visiting any of our branches countrywide.

  • For existing bank account holders, fill in the application form.
  • If you do not have an account with us, you are required to fill in an application form and have an identification card or a valid passport (in the case of a foreigner).

The application fee for Classic Cards is KES 500 and KES 1,000 for Platinum Cards. These fees are subject to current excise duty rates.

The card is processed within 48 hours of application.

Yes, you must have a valid passport and a current work permit.

Yes. The card is Visa branded and can be used in more than 200 countries worldwide.

Yes, any Visa branded ATM.

3 years.

You will be required to apply for a replacement card from any Credit Bank branch countrywide.

Classic KES 500
Platinum KES 1000
These fees are subject to current excise duty rates.
Classic KES 500
Platinum KES 1000
These fees are subject to current excise duty rates.

Upon issuance of a new card, the balance is automatically transferred to the new card.

The Konnect Prepaid Card can be managed on the online customer portal by clicking here

  • View card details
  • View card statement
  • View personal details
  • Activate and deactivate card

PIN change can be done at any Credit Bank Branch or ATM.

Yes, you can be reset if you still remember your current PIN. Call our contact center.

You will need the account number of your card.

Log in here to our Online Prepaid Customer Portal to access your account number or call our 24/7 Contact Centre 0709072000

Within 5-10 minutes

Yes, the minimum is KES 100 to activate the card.

The maximum amount is KES 500,000 per day.

Yes, for platinum cards, you can load Euros, Pounds and Dollars directly to the wallets.

The transaction will be allowed on the specific currency.

The transaction will be paid through the KES wallet if the funds are sufficient.

Yes, but the currencies will have to be converted to the currency you have set as default.

The web portal provides customers with an easy way for cardholders to view their transactions. The interface offers a quick way to register oneself via internet access. The Customer Web Portal gives the following functionality:

  • Self-registration on the portal
  • View Card Details
  • Enable Card
  • Disable Card Temporarily
  • View Transaction
  • View Statement
  • Change Password
  • Call the bank customer contact center through 0709 072 000 and report for blocking
  • Log in to the online prepaid customer portal and block the card
  • Visit the online prepaid customer portal to activate your card
  • Call the bank customer contact center on 0709 072 000
  • If the card has been blocked through the bank- No
  • If the card has been blocked through the online prepaid customer portal – Yes