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Easy to Use

iKonnect has self-registration, self-limit setting, friendly Soft Token app, simple email login (including multiple accounts), and improved beneficiary management.

Mobile Money

Our internet banking has single and bulk “Account to M-Pesa” and “Account to Airtel Money” transaction processing.

Funds Transfers

Bulk Payments (B2C, PesaLink Bulk Payments, EFT & Internal Transfer) with an easy-to-use template with validations to remove errors.

Utility Bill Payments

Pay your bills including Kenya Power, Nairobi Water, DSTv and more. Do your iTax payments on iKonnect, purchase airtime and more.

Open Accounts and Invest

You can open additional accounts at the click of a button including setting up a Fixed/Term Deposit account to grow your savings.

Don’t Get Stuck

From the comfort of iKonnect, you can request for new service. Feeling stuck? Our real-time chat functionality will guide you.

Internet Banking FAQs

All existing Credit Bank customers, all you need is access to a device that has internet access.

You can login here.
  • All retail customers who are already registered on Internet Banking will be whitelisted on the new platform on 11/03/2021.
  • All existing corporate users who are active will be migrated to the new platform on 11/03/2021.
  • All existing retail customers who are not registered on Internet Banking can access the platform and perform self-registration.
  • All existing Business customers who are not registered on Internet Banking should visit the nearest Credit Bank (with necessary instructions) to complete the application forms.
Upon migration, you will receive a link to the new platform via email, follow the link to update your profile and set up a new password.

You have a choice of Soft Token or SMS authentication.

SMS authentication will not require registration however users who opt to use soft token will carry out a one-off self-registration:

Soft Authentication:

  • Download the “Credit Bank Soft Token” application from Play Store or App Store onto your phone.
  • Open the app and input your email address in the username field.
  • Create and confirm your 4-digit PIN.
  • Always open the app and input your PIN to generate OTPs for access and transaction authentication.
  • Once logged in, a new OTP will be generated every 30 seconds, you will therefore do not need multiple log in to carrying out multiple transactions.
  • Login to iKonnect.
  • Select the "register now tab".
  • Input your Credit Bank Account number, phone number and ID/passport number (use the identification document used to open the account).
  • Allow the platform to perform an account lookup and populate the registered email address, account name and KRA PIN if available.
  • Input your KRA PIN if not auto populated.
  • Set your daily and per transaction limit.
  • Click on the “register “tab to submit.
  • Retrieve the activation link sent to your email.
  • Select the activate tab to set security questions and answers and set up a password.
  • Log in to transact.

The link is valid for 24 hours, from the time of receipt, thereafter you will need to call the Contact Centre on 0709072000 to request for generation of a new activation link.

Call Contact Centre on 0709072000 to request for generation of a new link.

  • By visiting the nearest Credit Bank Branch to complete application documents.
  • Customers with email indemnity can submit the signed stamped/sealed application documents via email to

During the first phase of iKonnect, only existing Credit Bank account holders will be able to register.

Yes, you can open any Personal Current Account and Savings Account by selecting the “open account tab”.

No, KYC documentation will not be required to open an additional personal account, however a deposit of the account opening balance shall be required to complete additional account opening as per current tariff guide . Some of the account opening fees are:

  • Personal Current Account – KES 2000 or equivalent in all major currencies (GBP, USD, Euro).
  • CB U Dream Account – KES 1000.
  • Savings Account – KES 1000.

Yes, you can set up a fixed deposit account at the prevailing interest rate. For negotiated rates, you will need to contact your Relation Managers or Contact Centre through 0709072000.

Yes, they can be registered/ linked but will be limited to “view only”.
  • Retail Customers with multiple accounts opened using the same identification document will be able to self-link their accounts through iKonnect.
  • Business Customers who wish to link multiple accounts will need to issue instructions through their nearest Credit Bank Branch. Please note that existing linked Accounts will be migrated “as is”.
  • Click on the ‘forgot your password’ tab on the login page.
  • Answer the security questions created during activation.
  • Create and confirm a new password.

Call the Contact Centre on 0709072000.

Yes, you will be able to transact with the new number once you visit your nearest branch to update your phone number.

Change of handset will have no impact on OTP receipt via SMS, you will however need to download and register the soft token app on the new handset (see FAQ #6).

The platform has exciting new features that include but not limited to:

  • Single and Bulk PesaLink transaction processing.
  • Single and Bulk Account to M-Pesa transaction processing.
  • Retail self-registration for existing customers.
  • Self -limit setting during registration.
  • Additional account opening (personal accounts).
  • Fixed/Term deposit set up.
  • Diaspora remittances
  • Realtime chat functionality

The improved features include but not limited to:

  • Improved bulk transactions upload template with validations.
  • Ability to accommodate complex account operating mandates.
  • Single login credentials for multiple accounts.
  • Availability of iTax for accounts that have more than one level of authorization.
  • Password compliance checklist during set up.
  • Self-Registration on the Soft Token Application.
  • Enhanced system security – security questions for password reset.
  • Convenient use of email address as the username.

Yes, some key security features include access and transaction authentication through a one-time password (OTP) and use of Security questions to complete password reset.

No, all transaction charges and fees remain unchanged. Access the No, all transaction charges and fees remain unchanged. Access the tariff guide here.

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