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John Gichuki

John Baptist Gichuki has over 10 years’ experience in the banking industry and has garnered extensive knowledge and expertise in the field of Trade Finance. Prior to joining Credit Bank, John led teams in pioneering trade deal origination, structuring and operations in Equity Bank, Commercial Bank of Africa, amongst other financial institutions. He has vast experience in structuring transactions, trade operations acquired through experience. He has been exposed to other courses such as Harvard Manage Mentor, Credit training among others.

He holds Masters in Banking and Finance and a Bachelor’s Degree in Business Management specializing in Banking and Finance from Moi University.

John is passionate and committed to achieving and exceeding demanding targets and business objectives while remaining focused on providing an exceptional standard of service to clients with a value add.

In his current role at Credit Bank, John is charged with providing structured solutions that meet the specific client requirements in a manner that is operationally efficient, responsive to market dynamics and in line with the Bank’s overall objectives.