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Affordable Insurance Packages

Credit Faidi Afya (Individual)

This is a unique product package offering an Inpatient, Outpatient, Accidental death cover and an inbuilt Last Expense cover.

Credit Faidi Afya (SME)

This is an affordable medical insurance cover designed for small and medium sized enterprises' employees and their dependents.

Wealth Builder Plan

This product is an endowment policy that allows you to grow your savings into wealth while giving you a life insurance cover.

Doctors' Professional Indemnity

This policy covers a legal obligation to compensate third parties who may experience injury, loss or damage through negligence.

Last Expense Cover

This is a cover designed to meet the abrupt funeral costs in the event of death of any of the declared members.

Because Anything Can Happen Anytime, Insure With Us

Credit Bank provides Bancassurance Services through its subsidiary Credit Bank Bancassurance Intermediary. Credit Bank Bancassurance Intermediary was registered in 2013 as the Bancassance arm of Credit Bank PLC. We are licensed to operate by the Inusrance Regulatory Authoruty (IRA) as well as approval by the Central Bank of Kenya.

Bancassurance is the distribution of insurance services through the bank channels. We thus transact insurance business on behalf of the Insurance Companies for your convenience.

For direct enquiries, you can get in touch with us.