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Property Insurance

Property Insurance is a comprehensive insurance that covers the property insured against any accidental and unforeseen loss or damage.

This Insurance Cover offers a wide range of unique benefits depending on the client’s needs. The following policies are available under this class;

  • Fire and Allied Perils – Covers the loss or damage to the property insured as a result of accidental fire, lightning and explosion(of gas cylinders, earthquake, malicious damage, floods, riot and strike etc.).
  • Burglary policy – Covers the loss or damage to the property insured following forcible entry into/exit from the premises mentioned in the policy including holdup. It also covers the loss or damage to the premises as a result of the burglary.
  • Cash in transit/Goods in transit – This cover provides compensation to owners of goods for loss or damage to goods in transit by means of fire, overturning and accidental means. It includes temporary parking overnight and stop-over by conveyances in which goods are being carried.

This cover is suitable for traders whose business involves moving goods from one location to another as well as transporters of goods on behalf of other parties

  • Home Insurance – This is a domestic package for home owners and tenants covering the private residence / dwelling in any of the following – Building, Contents, Domestic Workers, All Risks and Third Party Liability Cover etc.
  • All risks – This cover is best for items that are portable such as laptops, mobile phones etc and covers the insured property against all risks.
  • Work Injury Benefit Act (WIBA)
  • Travel Insurance
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