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Contractors All Risks (CAR)

Contractors All Risk is an insurance cover that buildings or civil works during the duration of construction.

Whenever there is the construction of buildings or civil works, there is a risk of loss or damage. With Contractors All Risks, the contract governing the works will place the responsibility for this loss or damage with either the Contractor or Employer.

This policy typically provides cover for:

  • The cost of physical loss or damage to building works
  • Advanced loss of revenue/income
  • Public liability
  • Installation and constructional plant/machinery including hired-in plant and tools
  • WIBA – Work Injury Benefit Act – For employees

This cover can be customized to meet the specific needs of the customer and the project requirements, as such, one is requested to specify the areas that they would want covered or included in the policy.

The pricing of the cover varies depending on the scope of cover.

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