To Swipe or to Swipe; There’s no Question!


Credit Bank Visa Debit Card

A story of 3 different individuals with three different lifestyles enjoying stress free convenience offered by the Credit Card Visa Debit card.

Meet Lynette, a 42-year-old career woman who loves to go all out for her friends. Her friend Whitney is turning 40 in a few days and Lynette is planning a huge destination party for her best friend. It’s going to be the best road trip ever! They’ll be driving from Kenya to the white beaches of Zanzibar for a relaxing luxury weekend.

However, travelling with all that cash across borders and having to physically carry it to the forex and change it into different currencies isn’t exactly advisable. Lynette is not at all worried; from fuelling to shopping for snacks and drinks to booking and paying for hotels, to buying food and going out to party, it’s VISA all the way! Plus, if they ever need cash, her Credit bank Visa-enabled debit card can access cash at over two million ATMs worldwide!

Now, meet James is a 24-year-old, energetic young man fresh out of university and has just landed his first job at the company of his dreams.  James meets Amy; a smart, beautiful, go getter, definitely the girl of his dreams. James has to impress. He pulls out all the stops and takes Amy out to the fanciest restaurant he knows. Just before they finish their meal James realizes he didn’t carry enough cash to foot the bill. No worries, James never goes anywhere without his Credit Bank VISA debit card. The date goes on without a hitch. You don’t get a second chance to make a first impression.

And lastly, meet Cathy is a 33-year-old, stay at home mother of one with another bundle of joy on the way. Her friends are planning a surprise baby shower as expected but what they don’t know is Cathy is secretly planning a ‘Thank You’ baby shower for them to show her appreciation for their being there for her through her first pregnancy that was a bit difficult.

She will have to go to several stores to buy everything for the party. With her Credit Bank Visa Debit Card at least she won’t have to find an ATM every time she needs more cash. At the gift store; Swipe! At the mall buying decorations; Swipe! At the supermarket buying food; Swipe! And of course, at the ice-cream parlour buying herself a treat after a long day; Swipe!

And you know what, every ‘swipe’ is totally and absolutely free!

So, walk on down to your nearest Credit Bank branch today, open an account with one of the most trusted financial institutions in the region and get your Credit Bank Visa Debit Card now and experience the convenience for yourself.

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