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So many of us are often away from home for one reason or another. Unfortunately, burglars take this opportunity to make quick cash. So, what can we do to safeguard our homes from these burglaries when away from home?

We Should Stop Our Day-to-Day Plans on Social Media

In this technological age, almost everyone with access to the internet spends time on social media networks, such as Facebook and Twitter. We’ve all seen those viral videos or read viral news where stupid criminals were caught on social media for either bragging about their criminal activities or sharing their stolen merchandise on the same platform. If this still happens every other day, what are the chances that the same criminals don’t spend time on social media looking for their targets?
Our advice is that you shouldn’t share our daily activities on social media. For example, don’t tell people that you’ve left your home; turn off the location option on your status updates.

Invest in Home Security

Burglars don’t have time to break into heavily secured homes. This is because they do not want to get caught. Chances are that they will target your home if they know it’s not well secured. For example, we’ve all heard of some padlocks in Nairobi estates being easily picked because thieves have duplicate keys. Stop using such padlocks. It’s better to spend a lot of money on a heavy-duty padlock than to buy a cheap one and end up losing a lot of your valuable items.

In addition, ensure that your windows are well secured before you leave your home. While many homes in Kenya have burglar-proofing rails on the doors and windows, we should still make sure that we secure the doors and windows well.

Don’t Let Everyone Know about the Flashy New Purchases

Yes, even the flashy purchase can attract burglars to break into your home, whether you’re there or you’ve travelled. For example, throwing huge boxes of electronic purchases into the trash where everyone can see them can easily make you a burglary target. Burglars will hang around neighbourhoods during the day waiting for the opportunity to steal. Don’t give them one.

Get Home Insurance

We all value the sanctity of our homes. It is one place we feel most safe and it is also the last place we envision suffering of any kind of loss or damage.

  • But what would happen should thieves break into your home and make off with your household goods?
  • What if burglars break in when you have left for work and make away with almost everything in your home?
  • Wouldn’t this be a huge financial loss? How will you replace your treasured plasma screen TV, your fluffy shaggy carpet, and those beautiful leather couches when you’re broke? This is where home insurance comes in handy.
  • Has home insurance helped you to recover the valuables in your home?

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