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As the banking and financial services industry continues to make strides in enhancing security across payment platforms, mobile, card and internet banking systems, the Kenya Bankers Association and Credit Bank would like to take this opportunity to remind consumers to remain vigilant, and to continue to Kaa Chonjo! with their Personal Identification Numbers (PIN), passwords and financial information.

Tips to Protect You

  1. Ensure that your Visa Debit Card is EMV-compliant “Chip and PIN” payment card.
  2. Avoid saving your Personal Identification Numbers (PIN) and passwords on your phone or keeping these details in your wallet or purse.
  3. Do not give out your PIN or password to anyone, including merchants, relatives and friends.
  4. Only enter your PIN when prompted to do so. Cover the keypad with your palm while keying in your PIN.
  5. If a machine retains your card, do not leave the site without notifying our Contact Centre. Never accept help from a stranger.
  6. Only provide us (Credit Bank) with your account details to facilitate transactions that you have authorised.
  7. When transacting online, always ensure that you log on via a secure Internet connection. Check the Website you have accessed is also secure (look for a padlock image and HTTPS extension in the URL/Web address).
  8. Do not log-on to your bank account from cyber cafes, or via public Wi-Fi and hotspots.
  9. Beware of emails and phone scams including messages about competitions you have not signed up for. Do not respond to such scam messages or call back to verify.
  10. Try to limit keeping all your cash in one account or mobile wallet. Transfer excess cash into a savings or fixed deposit account which has clear instructions.
  11. If your account information has been obtained by a cyber-criminal, immediately notify our Contact Centre. It is advisable not to negotiate, either online or in person, with cyber-criminals. In many cases, the information that has been obtained cannot be used to perform transactions.
  12. Should you notice any irregular or suspicious activity, contact us

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