Local Purchase Order (LPO), Local Service Order (LSO) & Contract Financing

Simply referred to as LPO Financing, this financing gives your business much needed working capital based on the reputation of both your business and the organisation you are supplying goods and services to.
LPO Financing ensures continuity of operations in your business as immediate working capital needs are met.
In the case of a contract, the financing is structured to support the Contractor in implementation of contracts until full completion, covering pre-implementation as well as post-implementation of the contract.

The Fine Print

  • Short term working capital financing with repayment pegged on receipt of contract proceeds
  • Repayment shall be in full on or before expiry date from the proceeds of the LPO/supply orders
  • Other cash flow sources available to the obligor
  • Documentation, Terms and Risk Acceptance criterion has been detailed under product framework