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Security remains a top priority for us at Credit Bank. Today, our alternative channels of access bring with them unprecedented convenience enabling you access to your money at any place and at any time. One of these alternative channels is your Visa Debit Card. Over the years, we have been upgrading the card, as the technology landscape changes, to add to your convenience.

One of the most notable ones in the recent past is the EMV chip and pin compliant card. This added security layer of the chip and pin protects you from possible theft at the Point of Purchase and/or withdrawal.

Our upgraded cards further came with the possibility of tap and pay eliminating the need for swiping. Through Visa PayWave, this tap and pay technology was made possible at various sales terminals enabling faster service.

We have now recently re-introduced online shopping capabilities to our Visa Debit Cards. All our cards now come with this capability by default without the need of having to put a request through the bank.

Online shopping can at times give you sleepless nights thinking of what could happen if merchants decided to misuse your credit information. Stress no more as our cards are Verified by Visa enabled. This means that before any transaction (on partner sites), you will get an opportunity to verify it through a one-time password. This added layer of security eliminates possibility of ghost debit transactions without your knowledge.

As we continually invest in improving our cards, we urge you to take steps to mitigate possible risks. We have partnered with KBA to increase awareness of security measures through Kaa Chonjo initiative. You can find out more on steps you can take to improve your card (as well as mobile and internet banking) security here.

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