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Credit Bank has been at the forefront of digital innovation. Innovation is in our DNA, and it drives our everyday operations with the aim of building better relationships with you. For us at Credit Bank, a better relationship means delivering innovative financial solutions that conveniently meet you at your point of need.

The advent of the pandemic pushed many to adopt alternative means of doing business. This meant reducing touch points and increasing service delivery remotely. Some businesses needed to change their structures to accommodate working from home while offering alternative methods of service delivery such as eCommerce and mobile commerce. Before the pandemic, the bank had adopted solutions to serve customers from any place and at any time through our digital banking platform. Our digital banking platform has been providing financial solutions to you at the palm of your hand. Accessible and convenient banking ensures you can meet your financial requirements from any place and at any time.

But there’s always room for improvement. We wanted our digital platform to serve you even better across all platforms. Enter Konnect Banking, our robust digital banking platform developed to cover a deep and broad scope of financial services. Konnect Banking brings tomorrow to you and your business today. This is meant to give you and your business 360° financial solutions 24/7. While this was in the works before the pandemic, the pandemic accelerated the need for Konnect Banking to come live sooner.

We have launched several financial solutions on Konnect Banking. First out of the kitchen was CB Konnectour mobile banking platform. This flexible tool empowers you financially with solutions such as salary advance loans, PesaLink, utility payments, e-wallet accounts, and much more. We then launched Konnect2Bank, our merchants’ solution for collecting payments via mobile money (M-Pesa and Airtel Money). We recently launched Konnect Prepaid Card that allows you to load money conveniently and securely carry out monetary transactions at any ATM, POS Machine, or Ecommerce Website.

Konnect Banking continues to grow from strength to strength with innovative financial solutions. We are excited to launch iKonnect today, our revamped internet banking platform. This solution is mainly targeted to benefit individuals, small and growing businesses, and large corporate organizations. With iKonnect, we envisioned a solution where the business can meet all its banking needs from the comfort of its operations. It is Workplace Banking at its best. We envisioned business workflows and developed our platform to meet these needs. Consider something simple like salaries. Whether it is 10 employees or 10,000 employees, you can process the salaries with easy-to-follow steps. With a signed MOU, your employees can easily access salary advances through iKonnect or even on CB Konnect. This eases processes and gives your employees financial freedom to meet their financial requirements at any time. What’s cool? Processing your employees’ salaries and paying them to their bank accounts or even on their mobile phones through mobile money in one go.

Forget queueing and spending extra money on courier services. iKonnect allows you to pay utility bills, including government payments, on time and in no time! For a large organization, you can even assign users to your account and provide transaction limits. Better yet, you can let certain users initiate transactions, and you can confirm them. On iKonnect, you can open new accounts without the need to visit any branch. You can further fix deposits for a certain period to get more returns on them.

Feeling stuck? In a hurry? Well then, iKonnect has you covered through live chat. A friend you can bank on now has a friend you can chat with to sort your financial needs.

We are delighted to welcome you to iKonnect. Try it out today at and discover a world of financial freedom.

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