The Vibrant City by the Lake

Credit Bank Opens in Kisumu

Credit Bank has over the years established itself as the go to bank for small and growing businesses. Our growing footprint in Kenya is as a result of relationships built over decades of partnerships with entrepreneurs. Kisumu is one of the regions we have an established presence and our commitment to SMEs remains steadfast – creating an enabling environment for businesses to take off!

Kisumu City is a hub for trade, commerce, manufacturing and a variety of sectors serving a cluster of counties in the western region of Kenya. Synonymous with Kisumu is convenience. This can be noted from sectors such as transport and agriculture. Before the proliferation of the motor bike was the bicycle popularly known in the area as boda boda. The convenience of moving from place to place in the busy and congested city can only be served by a boda boda.

It is this very convenience we as a Bank have adopted in our service provision not just in Kisumu but throughout our growing presence in the country. Over the years, Credit Bank has taken advantage of technological advancements to bring convenience to the customer. Solutions such as our advanced digital banking platform ensures businesses do what they do best, business and not banking! We have recently launched CB Konnect – our all new mobile banking app that gives you unprecedented convenience and the ability to do more with one!

As a Bank, opening Kisumu Branch was a major milestone for us. This was an immense opportunity for the bank and our customers as we sought to establish symbiotic relationships. We have been the friend that has walked with thousands of entrepreneurs in their growth journey. The bank has been recognised as a key contributor to sustainable finance to which we were awarded by the Kenya Association of Manufacturers. Working together with entrepreneurs, who form part of Kenya’s economic backbone, has been a critical aspect of our business operations. Our support towards entrepreneurs goes beyond financial and includes the Entrepreneurs’ Hub where they can come engage, learn and grow.

Kisumu as a City is a cosmopolitan metropolis representing diversity in various sectors. Credit Bank’s attributes and core values stand for this diversity. As a Bank, we serve each business as an individual entity. Our Trade Finance Solutions have given entrepreneurs an alternative form of financing that makes sense. These solutions are structured to fit each business moving away from the traditional loans that a business may not need.

With Trade Finance, financing business operations puts your business on a path of growth. Our approach to offering personalised solutions allows us to serve multiple businesses across industries and sectors. Manufacturing, trade (retail and wholesale), agriculture, construction and hospitality are but a few of sectors we offer solutions to.

Businesses in Kisumu engaged in cross border trade have over the years enjoyed the added advantage of some trade finance solutions such as pre and post shipment financing. This is over and above the ability to operate accounts in foreign currencies to allow for international trade.

Credit Bank’s endeavour is to continue offering support to businesses in the region. We strongly believe in the contribution and positive impact SMEs have in the economy. With the capacity to provide employment to a third of the county’s labour force, ensuring SME’s growth is part of our mission.

We are excited to be part of the vibrant business ecosystem in Kisumu. As a friend you can bank on, we are ready to take off to greater heights with you!

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