A Renewed Commitment

Challenges in life are meant to make us grow— the year 2021 presented challenges and opportunities in equal measure to all of us.  

Having left behind 2021, and with 2022 now well on its way, I would like to take a moment to wish you health, success, and prosperity, as reflect on where we have come from. 

The business environment presented its own set of challenges in 2021, and as a Bank, we experienced our fair share of challenges in the operating environment. Like you, we had to look at these challenges as opportunities to grow ourselves. Having strong corporate governanceat the core of our operations ensured our resilience was never failing. Keeping you at the center of what we do, ensured we grew together by offering solutions adapted to the ever-changing economic environment. Such solutions factored in that COVID-19 has become endemic, and it continues to challenge us as humans with its evolving variants. 

Credit Bank’s digital banking proposition has been a strong selling point for years, and in 2020, we launched Konnect Banking, a platform that delivers more than banking solutions at the palm of your hand.  

2021 was about strengthening our digital banking services to offer you more convenience. Some of our new, improved offerings include:  

  • Visa Prepaid Cardsthat have Virtual Cards as an option  
  • Instant Card Issuance on all our debit cards at the branches allowing convenience 
  • Online application for all prepaid cards, debit cards, and accounts 
  • Konnect2Bank that allows merchants to collect payments conveniently 

It is embracing financial technology that enabled us to overcome the 2021 challenges and ensured business continuity and growth for both the bank and you, our customer.  

What about 2022 and beyond? We continue to keep you at the center of what we do through our 2021-2025 Strategic Plan dubbed “Our Roadmap to Success,” with the core pillar being “Customer Centricity.” This is a strong indication that you are a core part of what we do and a core part of the Bank’s Roadmap to Success. We will continue optimizing our processes and ensuring enhanced efficiency by delivering quality services to all our existing and potential clients.  

Thank you for trusting us so far and believing that we are the friend you can bank on. We look forward to being part of your success story. As we carve this “Roadmap to Success” together in 2022 and beyond, I’d like to wish you a Happy and Prosperous Year ahead. 

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