Mobile Banking that Keeps You on the Move

Life today is constantly on the move. From the rising sun to its setting, a lot of the hustle and bustle goes on in Kenya. From the crack of dawn when matatus are honking to the dead of the night when clubs are sounding the beat. From the time you open your business to the time you close. We are always moving here and there. With that movement, there’s nothing that bogs down the day as inefficiencies and bureaucracies.

To keep life moving, we must keep money moving. CB Konnect became the answer and not just another banking inefficiency you have to deal with. We have been at the forefront of mobile banking innovation, and this has won us many accolades. Our focus has been to make banking accessible to you at any time and any place. Putting financial solutions in your hand is about enabling your movement throughout the day.

You wake up in the morning, and you need bundles to catch up with social and maybe some business; CB Konnect is there to help you top up your airtime. But you realize you haven’t put some water in the kettle and ironed your clothes for the day. No sooner than this thought crosses your mind than a blackout comes. Is it really a blackout? Your neighbor has already started the day with some loud music – aah, it is the tokens – top up easily with CB Konnect.

Later in the morning, you have opened your shop and realize you need some supplies. Gone are the days you need to come to the bank and withdraw money, then go to your supplier and buy. A simple call to your rider with the order. Yours is to wait for the total… muambie akupee PayBill Number! All you need to do is pay directly from CB Konnect to PayBill or Buy Goods Number. There is no need to transfer to your M-Pesa first.

It’s evening, and you forgot to have some cash on you for your fare. We know how these things go down; you pull the conductor close to whisper… si wacha nikutumie kwa M-Pesa Please? You calm them down before they start shouting back at you by saying… nitatuma na ya kutoa! With CB Konnect, you can send directly to a mobile wallet like M-Pesa.

CB Konnect is all about giving you the power to connect with your bank and finances at any time and any place. With USSD and mobile application available to you, you no longer have to feel stuck. Our feature-rich mobile banking application  is designed to fit perfectly in your day-to-day movements.

CB Konnect is also available on Google’s Play Store as well as Apple’s Appstore. You can access it via USSD by dialing *699#.

You can enjoy these services and more by opening an account with us. If you are feeling stuck on which account, do not hesitate to contact us for guidance on that or visit our banking solutions for you or your business for more information.

Remember, you can transfer funds to any Credit Bank Account through M-Pesa PayBill number 972700 (use the account number as the account name).

CB Konnect. Day to Day Banking with Convenience. Day to Day Access with Confidence.

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