Freedom and Flexibility with Our Konnect Prepaid Cards

Debit and credit cards have long been used as an alternative way to access one’s cash in the bank. In some cases, it has been referred to as plastic money as it is literally money in a plastic card. The cards have developed over the years to give additional features to customers such as the prepaid card option. 

What are prepaid cards? Traditionally, debit cards have always been linked to your bank account. The prepaid card is an alternative banking card that is not necessarily linked to your bank account. This allows you to enjoy the convenience of plastic money over hard cash without the need of opening a bank account. Further, this card only lets you spend money you load onto the card. At Credit Bank, we have partnered with Visa to launch our prepaid cards dubbed, Konnect Prepaid Cards. 

Some of the conveniences you get to enjoy include those in a traditional debit card. This includes paying at any Visa merchant in over 150 countries worldwide, usually free of chargeIt is safer than carrying cash and more convenient than using cash. Other benefits you get to enjoy include:   

  • You can easily top up your prepaid card using CB Konnect, M-Pesa, money transfer (EFT and/or RTGS), cheques and/or over the counter via our wide branch network 
  • The prepaid cards are Chip and PIN enabled for secure point of sale transactions 
  • You can enable Free SMS alerts for every transaction you undertake 
  • Get access to free e-statements upon request 
  • You will be protected from identity theft and fraud (learn more on how to handle fraud here)

Our Konnect Prepaid Cards currently has two variants – the Classic Card and Platinum Card which you can apply at KES 400 and 1,000 respectively. The Platinum Card features a multi-currency option that includes USD, GBP and EUR over and above KES. 

All you need to get started is to apply here. 

Apply today to carry out monetary transactions conveniently and securely at any ATM, POS Machine, or Ecommerce website. 

Konnect Prepaid Cards. Load. Transact. Tap and Go.

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