Carving a Path for Growth

Entrepreneurship is no doubt a challenging journey. Past the grim statistics of how many businesses fail within their first year of establishment are more challenges. Credit Bank exists to serve entrepreneurs and as such we undertook an extensive research to unearth these challenges.

Lack of systems and processes was a fundamental challenge we discovered. Simply, entrepreneurs lack the resources and/or skills to set up systems that will ensure smooth operations of their enterprise. This lack of resources was also identified as another challenge i.e. access to capital is limited. Traditionally, financial resources have been readily availed to established businesses as opposed to start-ups.

Having in place systems and processes gives businesses benefits such as being investor ready. Further, it helps the business set itself on a controlled growth trajectory. Another challenge we identified is people. Human resources are a vital part of running a business. This includes sourcing for talent, having the right management in place and the right leadership skills to steer the business forward.

Such challenges necessitated action from Credit Bank. What we needed is to establish a platform that would benefit the entrepreneur in all challenges they face. This was the beginning of the Entrepreneur’sHub (eHub).

eHub was formed in 2016 with the objective of providing a platform where entrepreneurs can engage, learn and find mentors who help them prosper. Over the years we have hosted several forums where entrepreneurs have benefitted through learning, networking and personalised coaching sessions.

With over 100 entrepreneurs enrolled as members, this year we are looking to do more. The relaunch of eHub brings with it exciting opportunities for the entrepreneur. The platform will look to address even more challenges through integrated programmes.

  • eHub Accelerator this programme is designed to remove growth barriers by providing tools to identify gaps and growth areas in the entrepreneur’s business. The objective with this programme is to enable the entrepreneur scale up their business.
  • eHub Circles  Circles will enable the entrepreneur to share their experiences, challenges and ideas with other members. This will be achieved through monthly meetings thus providing a framework for peer to peer learning.
  • eHub Connect the interactive member portal will equip the entrepreneur through e-learning resources. The entrepreneur will also get to share their business profile giving them a wider audience online.
  • eHub Mentors – entrepreneurs will gain access to experienced business leaders and C-level executives and learn from the best. This is over and above our continued personalized one-on-one business coaching sessions.
  • eHub Expose this is our annual event providing members with opportunities to showcase their products to a wider business audience of potential customers, partners and investors.
  • eHub Masterclass  enhancing the entrepreneur’s skill is essential to growth. eHub will provide access to incremental skills development workshops covering leadership, management, sales, human resources and marketing.

Credit Bank is committed to entrepreneurs by not only providing financial solutions tailored for their businesses but by also growing with them. The importance of SMEs in the country cannot be underscored. Together, SMEs take up to 30% of the labour force. Their stability and growth is crucial to the economy. Impacting their growth positively is core to our mission.

Welcome to eHub! Engage. Learn. Grow

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