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As an institution, we have been on a mission to transform the financial industry landscape through relevant and innovative financial solutions. Throughout the years, our solutions have positively impacted the economic welfare of our customers and empowered businesses to achieve their goals.

With a focus on financial inclusivity, our campaign: Elev8Her, was recently recognized by Finance Derivative as the best new banking product in Kenya in 2022. After reviewing hundreds of bank products in the African Continent, Elev8Her, whose mission is to make the dreams and ambitions of women come true, was selected for its unique approach to offering solutions.

Women form almost half of Kenya’s workforce, yet they remain one of the most un-banked groups in the country. From research, we continue to realize that women have a challenge accessing finances for their growth. Lack of access to adequate finances has pulled back women entrepreneurs and widened the gender inequality gap in the business world.

Elev8Her is designed to help women soar by providing the necessary funds for their growth and development. Whether personal or business, the elev8Her account gives women access to funds anytime and anywhere. It also comes with short-term and long-term financing, an eHub portal to enable enterprises to scale through much-needed technical support, access to affordable personal and business insurance covers, and much more.

What enables Credit Bank to spearhead such campaigns for financial inclusivity is our dedication to PUTTING YOU FIRST through carefully listening to your everyday needs. We then create personalized solutions curated to your needs. Through that process, we develop products such as elev8Her purposely to serve our customer’s specific needs and address the much-needed financial gap by including such groups. In addition, we are committed to supporting the gender financing agenda by continuing to offer personalized banking solutions to the women clientele.

We are truly proud that our efforts continue to receive international accolades, and we continue to innovate with the customers at the heart of what we do.

Get to enjoy our award-winning service today by exploring the various solutions we have at your service.

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