A Thousand Times

In the guise of tender memories
Her happiness stood like a beacon
Her bright teeth lit a cheerful future
Reflected in the shine of her goggles
And heard in the whispers of her giggles
When she held her cherish, she held the world.

For my sake her feet crack the ground
A leso clutching me to her weary back
A tight clasp in her jagged hands in the hustles of day
Here’s some uji kipenzi
When louder wails filled the air
The very air she breathed with delight
“Anything for you kipenzi

All the way without a tire
Not one single in the heart of a drained
Woman aren’t you solid?
A baggage you carry without a sob
Almost as if you are the steel
One that balled me to the ninth
And cares for me to death

Quietly you’ve been the heroin in my tales
But today out louder speaks
A strength like mine trails amidst your sweats
Do I even deserve your sweetness?
Kipenzi’ you said. In this life and next
You would have me if it meant a thousand times
So a thousand times right back at you, mama.

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