4 Quick Tips for Back to School Planning

Set Some Money Aside

Put some money away in a separate account or pay to the school account if you are not enrolling afresh next year. This money should be enough to cover school fees, supplies and uniform and transport. Don’t overlook school trips. Our Fixed Account is best for targeted savings towards such goals.

Shop when the Back to School Offers are On

The back to school offers by stores and supermarkets are a great way to get a bargain. Be sure to compare before buying … not all deals are good deals.

Subscribe for Services Before the Year Ends

Pay for transport and other daily services in advance. These slots may run out next year as new students are enrolled.

Buy Uniforms Early

As new students join schools, uniforms are likely to run out and this spike in demand is likely to drive prices up, buying early ensures you get the right item for the best price.
Credit Bank wishes you and your family a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.
All the best as you enjoy and plan for back to school.

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