Transact With Our ‘Exotic’ Currencies and WIN


Are you aware that we can offer Telegraphic Transfer / Swift Services in the following currencies?

  1. Japanese yen (JPY)
  2. South African Rand (ZAR)
  3. Indian Rupee (INR)
  4. Ugandan Shilling (UGX)
  5. Tanzanian Shilling (TZS).

Many money transfer services work well but can be very costly. Why? In addition to fees, they can offer poor exchange rates which contain a hidden margin. This means that less of your money arrives at its destination compared to using superior alternatives. But with Credit Bank’s Swift and Telegraphic Transfer services this is not the case, you enjoy the best of all worlds’.

This month, transact using these exotic currencies above and get to win some love back!

All you need to do is make a minimum of 3 transactions to qualify for cash rewards.

The customer who transacts the most number of times cumulatively during this love month in either one currency or a combination of currencies wins cash prizes as follows:

  • 1st Prize – Kshs. 15,000
  • 2nd Prize – Kshs. 10,000
  • 3rd Prize – Kshs. 5,000

Let the loving begin!