Free One on One Expert Coaching Session Lined-up just for You


In today’s world, one is advised to visit a doctor at least once a year for a check-up. The so called ‘lifestyle diseases’ can come at you anytime and without notice, making a check-up necessary for your overall well-being. Just like your body, your business too requires a Business Health Check.

A Business Health Check is important as you will get to have a team of experts engage with you and provide practical steps to help you determine whether there are any areas of your business with possible holes that need some patching. Expert one on one coaching sessions will do just that. With a business coaching session, the coach is able to bring in a different perspective to your business decisions. They help provide an independent sounding board that allows you to tap into their experience and wisdom. By spending time listening to where you are with regard to your business, they are able to initiate discussions that facilitate problem-solving and strategic planning.

At Credit Bank, we have partnered with Wylde International to help our Entrepreneurs move towards enhancing their business goals; in a way that will ensure you are working on your businesses and not in your businesses. Take an hour out to specifically think about your business and where it’s heading.

Would you like to book your appointment slot? Take a look at the timetable below and get in touch with us to book your slot.

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