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Chief Executive Officer

Chege Thumbi is currently the Chief Executive Officer at Credit Bank (K) Ltd. His educational credentials include a Bachelor’s degree in Electrical/Engineering from the University of Nairobi and a diploma in ACIB. Chege has also attended various professional training courses which include; various T24 core banking system trainings, IBSS summer school, Euro Money Leadership and Management training, ALCO management, various operational, credit and market trainings and various IT related courses such as Microsoft NT/2000 O/S, Novell O/S, Linux, OS400/AS 400 operating systems, Oracle RDMS, CISCO basics etc. He has over 25 years of experience in the banking industry.

In his current role, Chege manages the overall performance of Credit Bank. This involves ensuring consistent revenue growth, effective risk management and compliance strategies and a strong customer satisfaction orientation. He works with the bank management team to establish and assess annual performance goals, allocate resources and develop an empowered, successful team. He also ensures the development and pursuit of effective marketing strategies aimed towards creation of a strong brand image.

Previously he was serving as a Group Director of Technology and Operations at Chase Bank and served at the same capacity at NIC bank. His role mainly involved group support functions, Information technology and bank operations, ensuring flawless performance of the bank’s contact center and customer service, projects and change management and looking for new business ventures. Chege is well accustomed to bank operations and processes with vast knowledge in information technology having worked in many banks in related roles, including: Barclays Bank of Kenya, CBA, NIC, Chase Bank, ABN AMRO Bank and Citibank.