Workplace Banking


Businesses today need convenience that enhances their efficiency. Banking in itself as an activity has been viewed as a time-consuming activity, especially when you have to visit the bank. With Credit Bank’s all-round banking solutions, what you get is unprecedented efficiency giving you more time for your core activities.

Banking at Any Place and Time

What we offer is quality, efficiency and timely delivery of banking services with:

  • Workplace Relationship Banking that ensures delivery of superior and genuinely personalized service
  • Access to free internal transfers to accounts within Credit Bank
  • Reduced banking costs as no manpower is lost to staff visiting the bank
  • Convenience using our online platform including onetime bulk payment to multiple staff with instant salary notification
  • Access to funds transfer (local and international), mobile money transfers, utility payments, bank requests (stop/cancel cheque, setup standing orders etc.)
  • Convenient Customer sign–up without interfering with employees work schedule.

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For Your Business

Banking for your business is now easier with robust systems that allow you to carry out your banking at any place and time.

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For Your Employees

What you want is worry-free and happy employees. Well, you can bank on us to remove any banking worries which includes:

What we have for them

At Credit Bank, we believe in providing solutions that meet the specific needs of our clients. We are therefore open to having conversations with you to understand what you need.

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Bank on Us

Without your people, your business ceases to exist. They are the engine and drivers of growth in organisations.

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