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Trade Finance

We understand the Trade

Credit Bank has established a strong brand name in Trade Finance and employs innovative tools to offer superior products and services. The Bank understands the dynamic and ever changing business environment and therefore the need for appropriate financial products and services that suit domestic, regional and international trade business needs to assist our customers tender, perform contracts, expand business activity and provide working capital for import and export transactions as well as logistical support.

We have a team of dedicated, highly experienced and knowledgeable staff to guarantee efficiency and offer advisory services.

The Credit Bank Advantage

Tailor made products to suit the customer’s needs

  • A wide range of solutions at the most competitive terms
  •  Linkage with Trade Finance Value Chain Ecosystem
  •  Advisory on the emerging, secure and cost effective channels of trade
  • Risk mitigation mechanisms to protect your cashflows
  • Improved customer competitive advantage, domestically and internationally
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