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Healthcare Financial Solutions

Healthcare is a vital component of human life. Through technical and financial support for medical institutions, Credit Bank is Improving healthcare access through quality. We understand building your practice can be challenging hence our partnership with Medical Credit Finance1 gives your practice the opportunity to scale, improve on quality and efficiency.

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What You Get

  • Provision of quality technical assistance which will help the health care practitioners in the private sector develop growth strategies and identify the most effective areas of investment beneficial and sustainable to their business and to the communities they serve.
  • Borrowers will benefit from quality assurance from Medical Credit Fund
  • Access to various facilities including:
    • Working capital
    • Medical equipment finance
    • Construction facilities
    • Invoice discounting
    • Supplier finance facilities
    • Insurance premium financing

The Fine Print

  • Eligible to medical practitioners and not-for-profit medical organisations such as hospitals, diagnostic centres, clinics, pharmacies, medical suppliers, medical information systems or education of health workers e.g. nursing schools.
  • Loan amounts range from KES 100,000 – 650 million
  • The loan tenor varies form 3 years – 6 years with reasonable collateral requirements.

Build your Practice

Access financial & technical support for your practice or medical institutions.

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  1. Credit Bank has partnered with Medical Credit Fund is a fund established in Netherlands under the Pharmacess group, which specializes in offering technical and quality assurance support to the private healthcare sector