Extend Your Business’s Capacity



Cash cycles in most businesses are intermittent. The need for accelerating growth gives your business a first mover advantage. Operations need to run smoothly so your customers can come first as well. Our borrowing solutions unlock your cash needs and put your business on the fast lane.

Your business may need to borrow money today yet pay over a considerable period of time. Suitable for needs such as working capital, Credit Bank offers Term Loans giving your businesses the ability to increase capacity and capabilities.

What You Get

  • Customised for your business to suit your specific needs
  • Get a tenure of between 1 – 7 years
  • Get competitive rates
  • Access to flexible amounts ranging from KES 100,000
Liquidity challenges can face your business from time to time yet there are urgent short-term obligation you need to meet. Credit Bank offers you the ability to draw more funds than are available in your account using an Overdraft Facility.

What You Get

  • Access the overdraft facility for up to a term of 1 year, after which you can renew
  • Flexibility that allows you to draw as little or as much of the overdraft facility as needed within your approved limit
  • Minimise your borrowing costs as interest is charged on a day to day basis
  • Get access of up to 3 months equivalent of your borrowing capacity
Improving production capacity of your business requires acquisition of assets. The upfront investment required may at times be beyond your reach. With Credit Bank’s Asset Financing, you gain access to resources for the acquisition of moveable and identifiable assets. Some of these assets include saloon cars, commercial vehicles, trailers, agricultural equipment (e.g. tractors), office equipment, industrial equipment and contractor specialized equipment.

What You Get

  • Repayment period of up to a maximum of 60 months (5 years)
  • We keep it simple with less documentation and no hidden costs
  • Less than 48 hrs approval
  • Get access to more services at your convenience such as an insurance cover for your asset and further insurance premium financing

The Fine Print

  • Asset being financed must not be more than 8 years old
  • Access up to 80% of the value of asset
  • For specialized equipment-bank finances up to 50% of the value of asset
  • Applicable rate is on reducing balance