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Chief Manager, Credit

Mrs. Korir has 18 years Banking Experience spanning across several Banks. She joined Credit Bank in June, 2013. She is a holder of Bed Degree from Moi University, a Master’s Degree in Finance /Marketing from Nairobi University and in Final year for Bachelor of Laws (Hons) LLB.

On the professional front she is an associate of Kenya Institute of Bankers being a finalist in Banking Professional Qualification (AKIB); in addition to holding various Risk Management Certifications.

With proven leadership skills she has headed Credit and Legal Teams in a number of Banks, having also separately held a position of Head Corporate Risk in a TIER 1 Bank. Amongst the responsibilities and initiatives that the Bank is currently pursuing, she is in the forefront championing various innovative Trade Finance solutions in a quest to have Credit Bank ride on this market niche. Betty equally has international exposure in project finance and sustainable lending acquired from Triodos Bank in the UK.