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Consistency as We Win 2nd Year in a Row

We previously intimated that with excellence, size does not matter. Commitment to excellence is what matters and since being awarded for this excellen...

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Best recovery Award

Awards Gallery

Credit Bank is a top financial institution, a fact that has been recognised by various institutions over the years. Explore our gallery to discover mo...

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Rethinking CSR

Corporate Social Responsibility acknowledges the fact that organisations do not exist in bubbles. Giving back to the society in which the company oper...

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Carving A Path for Transformation

A few years back, we sat down to rethink our strategy. A strategy that would bring about transformation to the bank as well as the to those we serve. ...

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Success is 10% Inspiration and 90% Perspiration…

…someone once said that. Distinction in service requires great commitment. It requires changing the way you do things to a more focused approach. This...

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Sustainable Financing: Impacting You Where It Matters Most

Our Contribution to Sustainable Finance in Kenya, was recently recognised by Kenya Association of Manufacturers (KAM), during the Energy Management Aw...

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KBA Award 1

KBA Award

KBA Awards Us for Offering a Wholesome Customer Service Experience Our customer centricity focus establishes that bank size is immaterial for your exp...

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A Strong Foundation Built on Governance can Influence Success

Too often do the statistics point to Micro, Small and Medium Sized Enterprises (MSMEs) and the staggering percentages that point to failure. Indeed, r...

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(Think Business) SME Banking Award

Best Bank in SME Banking

Striving for excellence can be a dauting task considering the effort you must put in. This effort is what we have endeared to and is engrained in our ...

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(Think Business) SME Banking Award

Bank with Lowest Charges for SMEs

The SME sector is one that is underserved by banks in Kenya. Credit Bank however took this as an opportunity to increase financial access to business ...

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